The Red Alien Icons represent Traps installed from April until June 2021

For privacy reasons, the location of Traps is approximate.

These existing Traps will require replenishment at the first sign of European Wasps in latter August or September 2021, depending on temperature factors.


Trap Installations

The Red Lightning Bolt Icons represent proposed installations.

The proposed locations are approximate, and subject to change. These proposed sites were determined from observed flight patterns during April to June 2021. In theory, these additional Traps along creek breeding grounds will help cut off the inflow of European Wasps into the Residential and Commercial areas of Braidwood.

It is important to note that if the proposed cordon is not established early enough,European Wasps may establish nests on residential and commercial properties within the proposed cordon. 

Vigilance and reporting by citizens will play an important role in eradicating these dangerous pests.